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Hydro Full-Length Spacers

Hydro Full-Length Spacers

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The Hydro Full-Length Spacer upgrades the experience by simulating a channel handle. Based on the standard-length spacer, the full-length model spans the entire side of the handle up to the zen pin. For flippers looking to add some handle bias, this is the perfect solution.


The Full-Length Spacer is one of several customization options that changes the aesthetic, balance, and sound of your Hydro. Just like the standard length spacers, these full-length spacers have the same built-in jimping around the bottom to assist in tricks like the Infinity Ladder.

The Full-Length Spacer is longer and heavier than the standard length, which will change the balance from neutral to moderate handle bias. To fine-tune the balance even further, we recommend experimenting with the Hydro Titanium Hardware Kit.

Installation of the Full-Length spacers is quick and easy as it only requires two standard T10 Torx drivers. You’ll first need to remove the top and bottom screw of each handle. We recommend using one T10 torx driver to hold the pivot while using a second T10 torx driver to unscrew the screw (the shinier side). Once the screws are removed, you only need to pull off one slab of each handle. Slide the bottom pivot into the hole of the spacer while also aligning the two locating bosses along the edge of the handle. Make sure to press firmly to ensure that the spacer is sitting flat against the handle. Once the spacer is placed, you can put the handle slab back on. Re-threadlock the screws and then reinstall the screws the same way that they were removed.


2 x Full Length Spacers


  • Converts the Hydro from sandwich to pseudo-channel handle design
  • Adds additional weight for additional handle bias
  • Easily and quickly installs in minutes with no special tools


Length 4.800”
Width .495”
Weight (Ultem) 0.095 Ounces
Weight (G-10) 0.136 Ounces


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