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Titanium Krake Raken Tanto

Titanium Krake Raken Tanto

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The Titanium Krake Raken elevates the legendary lineup by improving every characteristic. The 6AL-4V sandwich titanium handles feature a stunning hand-rubbed satin finish with polished blue titanium hardware. These handles significantly enhanced durability and ergonomics. The Titanium Krake Raken is also equipped with a modular weight pin system which allows the user to effortlessly change its balance point. The Tanto Krake Raken blade perfectly integrates with the titanium handles to create an unforgettable experience that can’t be found anywhere else.


The Krake Raken (formerly known as the Kraken), is the industry leading butterfly knife that sets the gold standard for competitive flipping. The Krake Raken has several blade options including the Tanto, Bowie, Weehawk, and Trainer.

Since its release in 2019, the Krake Raken has come to be a staple in every professional flipper’s arsenal. Nearly every year since then, we’ve made careful, impactful revisions to the product by incorporating the community’s feedback into the design. After over 5 years of optimization, we looked towards a new horizon that could bring the Krake Raken to the next level: T I T A N I U M.

The Titanium Krake Raken’s newly redesigned handles offer a completely new flipping experience while simultaneously improving the durability. The sandwich handles feature the same overall length and contour dimensions as the original Krake Raken, but are thinner at .465” (.500” original). We guarantee that most flippers with small to regular sized hands will appreciate how effectively it improves dexterity and ergonomics. 

When products are upgraded with titanium, the overall weight generally goes up as 6al-4v titanium’s density is 1.725 times as dense as 7075 aluminum (4.43 vs 2.81 g/cm^3). However, by using sandwich construction and thoroughly skeletonized handles, we were able to reduce the overall weight by approximately .1 ounces. This difference seems negligible, but the overall distribution of weight is moderately different in comparison to the original Krake Raken. This new weight distribution profile creates a flipping experience that is less handle biased, quicker, and smoother. The balance point can be optimized with the modular weight pin system that also doubles as spacers which separate the handles from each other. The Titanium Krake Raken Handles are compatible with all Krake Raken blade shapes and versions, but do not share the same washers. Additionally, differences in bushing geometry may not always yield a perfect tune during a blade/handle swap. For free retunings and bushing replacement, please contact us through our contact us page. The Anchor is not compatible with the Titanium Krake Raken Handles.


  • Sandwich construction 6AL-4V Handles 
  • Stunning hand-rubbed satin finish
  • Blue anodized titanium hardware
  • Blue anodized 7075 AL weight pin system
  • Jimping


Total Length (Open Position) 10.00"
Total Length (Closed Position) 5.875"
Handle Length 5.675"
Handle Thickness 0.465"
Blade Length 4.5"
Weight 4.19 Ounces
Handle Material
6AL-4V Titanium
Handle Finish
Blade Material
AEB-L Stainless Steel
Blade Finish
Pin Design Hidden Zen Pins
Handle Design Sandwich
Pivot Design Bushings
Latch Design Latchless
Balance Profile
Minor Handle Bias (Modular)

Performance Pentagon


Grip: Tactility and degree of control

Balance: Distribution of the weight in relation to optimal flipping

Durability: Longevity rating and overall resistance to damage

Tolerances: Accuracy and preciseness of the tuning and handle play

Noise: How much sound emanates from the balisong during flipping

Rating out of 10

Grip: 7 Balance: 10 Durability: 8 Tolerances: 10 Noise: 6


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Precision Bushing System

Professionally tuned bushings with perfect flipping tolerances and ultra smooth handle swing

Rust Resistant AEB-L Steel

Rounded spine and chamfered tang for a comfortable flipping experience. Various blade shapes with unique balance profiles

Titanium Krake Raken Handles 2024

6AL-4V Titanium with Modular Weights

Showcasing titanium handles with a hand-rubbed satin finish and polished blue titanium hardware, complemented by a modular anodized blue 7075 aluminum weight pin system for enhanced balance customization.