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Squid Industries Knives

Krytox™ GPL 106

Krytox™ GPL 106

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Krytox GPL 106 is a premium lubricant that unlocks unparalleled performance with its blend of 100% non-flammable base and fully fluorinated oil. It provides perfection to nearly all applications and it's the hidden ingredient behind the peak performance of Squid Industries bushing-driven balisongs. Krytox GPL 106 seals micro-gaps and creates a long-lasting tune that both swings freely and sounds 🔥

Safety Data Sheet


Krytox GPL 106 is a high performance, fully-fluorinated oil that offers superior lubrication across a broad temperature range, unmatched chemical resistance. The inert nature of Krytox ensures it outlasts and outperforms alternative chemistries such as silicone and hydrocarbon-based lubricants. This base oil is 100% non flammable and does not support combustion in 100% liquid or gaseous oxygen environments.

Krytox oils and greases offer superior lubrication properties at elevated temperatures vs conventional silicone and hydrocarbon lubricants. Krytox oils are fully synthetic polymer lubricants that are non-damaging to plastics, metals, composites, organic materials (leather, wood, etc). Krytox’s inert properties allow it to be applied to a variety of surfaces while also has incredible heat-stability and can withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals. Krytox GPL 106 offers water repellency, radiation stability, and barrier properties thanks to superior thin-film coatings and its robust, polymer backbone.


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