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First Production Anodized Hydro

First Production Anodized Hydro

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The next-generation live blade built for the best-of-the-best flippers. The Anodized Hydro features rugged 6AL-4V Titanium handles with a sleek tanto blade and beautifully colored handles for a stunning aesthetic. Its lightweight build creates a smooth, effortless flipping experience that can be easily modified with different spacer materials and designs. First Production Hydros are serialized out of 400.

Limited to 2 per household


We first launched into the live blade scene with the Krake Raken Tanto in the summer of 2019 to offer a competitive knife at an affordable price point.In 2020, we unveiled the Tsunami to push our manufacturing and design capabilities to the limit in search of peak performance. After two years of prototyping, we’re bringing the Hydro to the community as a premium live blade at a competitive price point.

The Hydro is our first sandwich titanium balisong, and it’s also the first to feature our unique double-angle chamfer design. Most conventional balisongs made by competitors only provide a single 45-degree chamfer which often yields subpar comfort. The Hydro’s double angle chamfer is two distinct chamfers, one at 30 degrees and the other at 60 degrees, which creates a much more comfortable, controllable experience. The Anodized Hydro offers an elevated aesthetic with beautiful colors including, Teal, Purple, and Green.  

The spacers are made from Ultem® (polyetherimide), which is naturally translucent amber. Rather than having the jimping milled into the handles, the Hydro’s jimping is built into the spacers which are raised slightly above the side profile of the handles. Looking to upgrade the handles to simulate a channel handle design? Consider checking out our Full-Length Spacers

Disclaimer: The unsharpened blade is not a trainer. While the edge is not sharp, the tip is still sharp by nature of the design. By proceeding with the purchase and shipment of this product, the customer acknowledges and agrees that they assume all risks associated with the shipment. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and restrictions governing the shipment, including but not limited to, customs regulations, import/export laws, and any restrictions on the transportation of specific items. The seller shall not be held liable for any consequences, damages, or penalties resulting from the customer's failure to adhere to such laws and regulations. 


  • 6AL-4V Titanium handles with hidden zen pin design
  • Sandwich handle design featuring our unique double-angle chamfer design
  • Ultem® (polyetherimide) translucent spacers with built-in jimping
  • Nimble and lightweight for quick, agile flippers
  • Upgradeable to full-length spacers
  • Precision-tuned bushing system


Total Length (Open Position) 9.950”
Total Length (Closed Position) 5.560”
Handle Length 5.450”
Handle Thickness .475”
Blade Length 4.500”
Weight 4.01 Ounces
Handle Material 6AL-4V Titanium
Handle Finish DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)
Blade Material 14C28N Stainless
Blade Finish DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)
Pin Design Hidden Zen
Handle Design Sandwich
Pivot Design Bushings
Latch Design Latchless
Balance Profile Neutral

Performance Pentagon

Rating System

Grip: Tactility and degree of control

Balance: Distribution of the weight in relation to optimal flipping

Durability: Longevity rating and overall resistance to damage

Tolerances: Accuracy and preciseness of the tuning and handle play

Noise: Sound level during flipping

Rating out of 10

Balance: 10 Durability:8


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Unique Double-angle Chamfer Design

Most conventional balisongs made in the industry only provide a single 45-degree chamfer, which often yields subpar comfort. The Hydro’s double-angle chamfer consists of two distinct chamfers, one at 30 degrees and the other at 60 degrees, creating a more comfortable and controllable experience.

titanium hydro balisong butterfly knife trainer front open and closed position image

6AL-4V Titanium

Lightweight construction offers a seamless, easy flipping encounter that can be effortlessly customized using various spacer materials and designs.

Ultem® Spacers

Enhance your grip with intractely milled jimpings seamlessly integrated into the spacer design, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from Ultem®, these spacers boast a captivating translucent amber hue, a material beloved by enthusiasts in the everyday carry and knife communities alike.