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Carbon Honey (Thick)

Carbon Honey (Thick)

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Carbon Honey’s heavy-weight oil is meticulously crafted to remain firmly in the pivots, mitigating the risk of oil seepage onto the blade or handles. Infused with graphene, this advanced formula not only minimizes wear and tear but also extends the lifespan of the oil itself, reducing the frequency of lubrication required for your balisong.


Carbon Honey Oil is a premium graphene-based knife pivot lubricant developed by Nicholas Mercado. 

This heavy-weight oil is designed to stay in the pivots and reduce the risk of oil bleeding onto the blade or handles. The graphene additive also greatly reduces wear and tear while also increasing the longevity of the heavy-weight oil, meaning you will have to lube the balisong less often.

Disclaimer: Carbon Honey Bear is a novelty item by Carbon Honey. Carbon Honey Bear is not edible. Please note the Carbon Honey Bear contains graphene additives, which can separate over time and cause white/gray sediments to float around. Please shake well before use to break up the sediments with the metal ball inside the bear.


Carbon Honey - Standard

-15 mL bottle 

Carbon Honey - Honey Bear

- 45 mL bottle 


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